About snellcheeks

Welcome to the personal website of Jeroen Schellekens, aka “Snellcheeks”. As a co-founder of Dutch animation studio Motoko, I create animations, films and audiovisual projects together with a team of passionate creatives. Furthermore, I also work on music projects, commissioned work as well as independent projects.

These projects I work on, are a fusion of the elements (moving) image, timing and sound. That fusion is what creates magic, audiovisual magic. And that’s what I like to play with.  

For over 4 years, I developed a range of music software applications, writing algorithms for software synthesis. The main project I developed is the 303tracker sequencer, emulating the infamous Roland TB-303 synthesizer.

From time to time I compose music for film and create sound design for animations. In the past I composed a series of in-game music tracks for a Dutch game developer.

My current musical adventure consists of combining live drums with electronic instruments and sequencing. I do this in my home studio using a drum kit and a bunch of analogue synthesizers.

Some synths in my old studio.

I also have a passion for old house records on vinyl. Specifically the era between 1991 and 1993.

Here’s me getting crazy of all the knobs and wires.